Business Consulting & Success Coaching

Power Technology in Laguna Hills, California, offers business consulting and success coaching.

Success Coaching

Success Coaching begins with a free consultation to help you to determine your goals in ALL the areas of your life that are important to you. Areas like: Financial Success, Spirituality, health/fitness, primary relationships, self confidence, time management, prioritization, self development, etc. If we're not in balance with what's important to us we're not successful. If it's a fit, we then design a program to assist you in tha attainment of your goal. We coach you on how to make sure your actions are lining up with your goals. Our success coaching sessions are administered in-office or over the telephone, and we provide follow-ups via phone and email to assess the progress you are committed to making. The sessions are incorporated into a 6-month program that forms a partnership with you in establishing the learning fundamentals needed to be more effective in attaining your goals by the end of the program, and into your future. Remember this always: The key to your MASSIVE success is to spend more time and money working on you than you do working on your business!

Power Technology Sessions

Clement Pepe's Power Technology is a company that has been in business since 1992. This success/life coaching program has assisted many people just like you in taking their lives to a whole new level with less effort and much less struggle. We humans are sometimes blind to our own actions. By having a professional success coach committed to you and your goals, dreams, and aspirations, you increase your power and effectiveness.
Most effective people have coaches, and recognize the value their coaches provide in taking them to the next level in all areas important to them. If you are not making the amount of money you want, or if you are not achieving your highest potential in any area of your life, call us for a free consultation to find out if success coaching is a way for you to enhance your effectiveness. The sessions are performed either via telephone or in the office. Either way, the results will astound you.

Educational Business Seminars

If you are interested in a motivating and empowering workshop for your company, give us a call. Whether you want to increase sales, enhance productivity, create more harmony with your employees, or simply take your company to the next level of earnings, Clement Pepe's seminar will give your group the tools and techniques needed to improve in all aspects of their effectiveness, therefore, improving on the effectiveness of the company.
This seminar has enhanced many companies like yours to capitalize on profits and retain staff. It will be designed specifically for your company or group and will create great results by addressing your particular issues and challenges.

Our Owner's (Clement Pepe) Biography

  • In the Work of Personal Development since 1988
  • Worked for Lifespring Co., a Personal Effectiveness Company
  • Took Transformational Training to Russia in 1990
  • Telephone Crisis Counselor at the Crystal Cathedral, Trained Counselors on Phones
  • Seminar Leader on Personal Effectiveness since 1992
  • Started Private Practice (Power Technology)
  • Pastoral Counselor since 1993
  • Trained & Assisted Thousands of Individuals & Companies to Attain Their Goals, Dreams, &Aspirations

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