Marcy Hart

Clement is a transformational resource for non-selling professionals who need to engage in business development. Over the past three months, he has been instrumental in teaching me how to network and connect with potential clients as well as develop and refine a business plan for my practice. I have found that Clement truly understands my practice and my goals and has assisted me in developing an approach that is strategic and purposeful, yet consistent with my own style and needs. I highly recommend him to almost everyone I meet and look forward to continuing to do so. July 11, 2013

Brian Spiridonoff

Clement Pepe is an outstanding professional who is a tremendous asset to anyone who has the privilege of working with him. Since I began seeing him my life has been totally transformed. His ability to make your realize that anything is possible until you find out it is not is uncanny. He has been a true blessing to me both personally and in my professional life. Thank you, Clement and God Bless!!” November 14, 2008

Douglas Martindale

Clement, through his program, has completely transformed the way I operate my company. Having plateaued in terms of business development, we needed inspirational and effective techniques to move our company to the next level. Through his stewardship, Clement provided both the tools and methods to achieve both financial and personal success within our organization. If you are debating utilizing his services, you won't regret it! February 11, 2013

Seth M. Reeves

“I hesitantly agreed to enter into Clement Pepe's Success Coaching program only because I am a skeptic by nature. After 3 months of being in the program I have learned a great deal about myself. His techniques and tips are relevant and life changing not to mention his contagious great attitude. I look forward to each session and look forward to reaping the benefits of his coaching. Thanks Clement!” April 4, 2012


“Clement is a highly creative loving human being who always completes what he and the client sets out to accomplish.” December 29, 2011

Arthur Di Mella

“Clement Pepe has helped my business stay on track. He encourages you to stay focused on the intentional actions and tasks which will grow your business. He was able to change the way I look at the market and the opportunities within it. He gets you out of your own head and into getting results!! He is terrific and an absolute asset to my business, and my life!! You would be lucky to have him as your success coach!” April 3, 2012

Emily Zachariasen

“Clement is compassionate, funny, and a delight to work with. He helped me to understand how I was in some ways sabotaging my own success. I enjoyed our conversations and learned a lot from Clement.” August 23, 2012

Richard Mason

“If you are considering working with Clement, do it today! I reached goals and produced results that I never would have achieved without Clements coaching, accountability and support! While moving I discovered a goal list I had written while working with Clement. I had not seen this list of BIG goals in over a year and was amazed to discover that every one of them had been met. Thank you Clement Pepe!!” January 3, 2012

Mark Zacharczyk

“I just wanted to talk once again about the coaching I've been receiving from Clement Pepe. If you are wondering where to spend your $ to grow your business, and have not had business coaching, you are making a mistake. Clement's approach to coaching is fun and logical, which makes him effective. He uses charts and other techniques to illustrate what techniques are going to power your business to success. With Clement's coaching, you will turn the mirror on yourself and discover what's been holding you back from the success you deserve. What's more, these are the approaches you should be using in your life as well. I have implemented the basic daily disciplines that I need to keep my business operating at its highest levels, and I wouldn't have known what to do, or even where to start, had it not been for Clement's guidance, and business mastery sessions. I highly recommend that you give Clement a call. He can be reached at 949-583-9206. You won't regret it!” February 15, 2012

Ted Wedewer

“Clement's coaching is the single reason that I have finally gotten excited about working in the mortgage business after 18 years of experience. I have had lots of ups and downs (mostly downs) in my career and have always had mediocre production because of a mediocre attitude about what I do for a living. Clement's idea's about "creating conversations" that promote good energy and keep you having fun with the work you do has given me a refreshed perspective on my business and my personal life. The most important thing that Clement works on with me every time we talk is not just WHAT to do to be more successful but HOW to do it. Being successful professionally is like staying in shape: you have to work at it every day, step-by-step. You can't just build it up and then expect it to remain successful. Clement shows you how to access the pleasure in that process so that you eventually just form a habit of success. Have a conversation with him sometime and I think you will immediately recognize what an encouraging attitude and philosophy he has! Ted Wedewer Cherry Creek Mortgage 303-220-0355” February 15, 2012

Nick Roshdieh

“Clement is a very intuitive coach. He helped me set goals and achieve them in a very high level. I have the most amount of respect for Clement and will gladly recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting better in both business and their personal lives. I have the highest amount of respect for Mr. Pepe.” July 25, 2012

Richard Cantor

Clement is someone special to me. He’s someone you never forget once you have worked with him. His presentation is meaningful, delightful and memorable. I recommend him as a professional coach and business consultant. May 22, 2013

Bill Rogers

I began working with Clement last year. He helped me overcome an aversion I had to making "the dreaded" call to a in which I anticipated personal rejection, when, in fact I really did not know what the response would be. Clement helped me realize that I needed to reject the negative thoughts I had in my memory about "what might happen" and accept the realization that I really did not know. He taught me to react to "... just the facts", not to my memory's past impressions about poor outcomes.” February 11, 2012

Roy Herrera

“I have high regard for Clement's work as a success coach. The life skills that he teaches apply to all aspects of life itself. My personal experience with his program allowed me to have a greater appreciation for my own potential. It has motivatied me to reach my goals in business and personally. I highly recommend Clements work.....” February 13, 2012

Linda Pasinli

“I hired Clement Pepe at Power Technology as a career coach and received so much more than I expected. The quantifiable results were tangible increased closed deals and more income. The intangible results were added confidence, insight, new soft skills to provide better services to my clients. I highly recommend working with Clement at Power Technology. The results will amaze you!” July 20, 2012

Pilar Najera

“Mr. Clement is a great motivator and a wonderful Life Coach. With all his wisdom and techniques he changed my life.” January 21, 2012

Wendy Guffre

“Clement helped me from the start with our first conversation by showing me how to remove blocks and move forward toward my goals. He is an excellent coach.” December 29, 2011

Heather Gennette

I had the pleasure of working one-on-one with Clement and I highly recommend him. He helps you to reach your goals and also to be accountable. Not only is he a great coach, but he is a superb person.” January 3, 2012

Al Soley

“Clement is a great coach, an excellent motivator who worked with me like a good friend and helped me achieve my objectives for many years.” January 4, 2012

Aaron Leffler

“I have worked with Clement since 1995 and truly value our relationship. Life has it's seasons and regardless if it is a boom or bust time, Clement and I have learned to maximize the opportunities as they are presented. If you are on the fence about working with him feel free to reach out to me and I will share with you my expierance.” January 16, 2012

Rami Lazarescu

Clement is an expert coach with integrity. He is very personable and results orientated. By "thinking from a place of possibilities" you'll see more opportunities and get more of what you say you want.” November 12, 2008

Michael Cambra

“I have worked with Clement Pepe on and off since 2002. I did NOT do well without him. I am full time and will not not stop ever..Mike Cambra” December 29, 2011

Susie Stojanovski

Clement has helped me to think beyond my "normal" way of thinking. He has been a great success coach and because of his excellent coaching, I have grown my business. I highly recommend Clement to anyone who might be "stuck" or not getting the results they desire.” February 27, 2010

Matthew Hanson

20 years ago a nationally known speaker referred me to his coach, Clement Pepe. Engaging Clement early in my career was the best business decision I made that year. While we no longer meet weekly, he continues to be a valuable resource I reach out to when I need good, competent coaching from a person who wants me to win. Thanks Clement.” February 27, 2010

Bob Zeis

“Clement can get to the hangups you may have that keep holding you back from the Success that you deserve. And he provides the game plan to overcome your obstacles. I think you should take him up on his free offer. Bob Zeis/ President of Sonoma West Landscape & Construction, Inc.” February 26, 2010

Graeme K. Brown

“Certain individuals are masters of the arena in which they work. Clement Pepe is one of those people. Clement used his real-life experience as a Sales Manager, and his vast knowledge-base of coaching techniques, to tailor every meeting to my need. This isn't a "what did you do this week" type of relationship. Meetings with Clement focus on removing the objects that are keeping me from my optimal performance. I strongly recommend Clement, as he is an essential part of my personal and professional development.” February 28, 2010

Rob Rogers

“When I first hired Clement in 1991, it was as a new agent to establish my business. Which we succeeded inmaking me rookie of the year in 1991. Then in 1993 I moved to San Francisco, after a year off, I rehired Clement and he assisted me in becoming the top agent in San Francisco's largest independent real estate companies, and to be named one of the top 300 agents in the country by Realtor magazine.” November 18, 2008

Debi Lyerla-Cecconi

I have had the pleasure of working with Clement. Although I have had many years doing what I do best, something was missing. In working with Clement, I found out many aspects about myself that have helped me make and build my business even better. When I swam and played tennis competitively from 6-18 years old, I always had coaches. That is how I was the best and made it to the Jr. Olympics. It isn't much different in the competitive playing field we are all in now. If you want to be the best at what you do, I highly recommend Clement to be your success coach. He cares enough to make you the best at what you do. June 2014

Brad Burns

I highly recommend Clement as Business Coach. He has worked with me to improve my leadership skills and help me to break down barriers to my success. Our company has achieved excellent sales growth, since I implemented his coaching program. He truly holds you accountable to goals that you deserve to achieve. February 2014

Angie Weeks

Clement is a fabulous business coach - he helped me double my sales volume and eliminate self-sabotaging activities from my day. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs to refocus and reconnect with the passion in their career.

Clement's techniques are long lasting and solid. When I have a tough decision to make, I can hear him in the back of my head guiding against emotional pitfalls, shortcuts, and 'playing to not lose.' It's amazing how much he can help with attitude, perspective, accountability and all those underlying building blocks of true and satisfying productivity.

If you're stuck operating at a negative level and want your business to cause & create for it's highest good, call Clement and you won't be disappointed! November 2013